Sinister Saturday

It has been a sinister Saturday indeed. Between my suddenly needing to get someone’s permission to share something cool I found on the internet and not finding any support for my blog whatsoever, It looks like there will not be a daily Halloween celebration around here after all.**

**AMENDMENT: First, I’d like to admit that the fact that I’m having a full-on meltdown on #WorldMentalHealthDay is not lost to me. I suppose being told I’m a shitty blogger falls right in line with 2020. I was being too hopeful that virtual Halloween season would work out just dandy.

Moving forward, I will not share any more recipes or artwork by others without permission. What’s posted already, stays up, until someone asks me to remove it, and then, I will comply. This breaks my heart, especially since I love art, but copyright laws are what they are, and if someone doesn’t want their works shared, then, that’s the end of it.

This all means that plans for Wicked Art Wednesdays and Sinister Saturdays are canceled. Monday Macabre and Trick-or-Treat Tuesdays are my own creations. Throwback Thursdays does include copyrighted material but it also includes my commentary or review of said films, and that’s very much allowed under fair use laws. I won’t post recipes for Friday Fright Nightcaps but I’ll share my own photos of Halloween cocktails and people can Google the rest on their own. Poe Sundays includes the works of Edgar Allan Poe, which are considered Public Domain, so I will continue to share those, but without any accompanying art.

I wish I could explain how disappointed and lonely this Halloween season has turned out, but my story pales in comparison to the families who have lost loved ones. No one likes my blog, boo hoo, doesn’t have the same ring as having to bury someone’s grandma.

I’ll say this though, I never once claimed a recipe was mine. I posted full credit and links back to other’s websites at my own expense. My haiku, poems and silly drawings are completely shareable. All I ask is that people give me proper credit and post links back here in the same way I do for others. At the end of the day, I’m just here to share love for Halloween, horror and other spooky things. It’s not rocket science. I’m not saving the world. Do you love Halloween too? Great! Let’s share in our love for Halloween! I have links floating around here with two dozen kickass websites that all love Halloween like we do! I dunno, maybe Sinister Saturdays should always be an angry filled blog post about how people suck and are ruining the spirit of Halloween. Half the country turned trick-or-treating into a political debate. People were asked to wear a mask, not slit their own throat. Now, we have a hundreds of thousands more dead people to light a candle for on Dia de los Muertos. Many of these dumbasses not taking Covid 19 seriously is the reason we all can’t celebrate Halloween properly in the first place! They’re over here crying how they’re not in the mood to put up Halloween decorations or their trunk-or-treat got canceled. If your neighborhood has the plague, turn your porch light off, go watch Hocus Pocus, and shut up. Being a die-hard Halloween fan doesn’t mean to you get to infect the planet with your disease and ignorance.

That’s it for me. Let me know your sinister thoughts in comments. Supporters only. Haters can go choke on candy corn.

Halloween Kristy

5 thoughts on “Sinister Saturday

  1. I agree that COVID has really gotten everyone depressed and frustrated. It is indeed an awful disease.

    But it is not “collapsing in the streets and dying in a few hours” bad. Nor is it “There’s a shortage of coffins” bad.


    Enjoy Halloween!

    “Look, ever since at least April, we’ve been told not to have any fun. The various ceremonies and rituals of life – graduations, weddings, etc. – were all drastically scaled back. Parades and other civic events like July 4th fireworks were canceled. Movie theaters and concert venues closed. Sporting events shut down, and if they reopened, it was without anyone in attendance. We can’t go on like this. We *need* a big social and cultural activity that we can enjoy as part of a community. We have to consider our *psychological* health as well as our physical. We have enough stress in our lives these days – let us play dress-up and go out and have a bit of fun!”

    (The Samhain Society sent me here)


    1. As long as everyone is being safe, wearing masks when necessary, and practicing social distancing to keep others safe, I’m all for celebrating. Not everyone is doing enough to keep themselves and others safe and not everywhere is safe. So alternative celebrations are needed this year. My Halloween at Home post is a list of ways people can have fun at home and I’m constantly impressed with the Halloween community and their creativity to do their part to keep people safe during the pandemic.

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  2. But don’t let that spoil your fun. I love to write and I don’t get a bunch of traffic, but I do have some and I appreciate them to bits. So write about Halloween and celebrate through your art and writing and eff the haters!


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