Haiku of the Week

winding trail
ready for a new season
autumn leaves

Haiku of the Week

fire glow
baked apple cinnamon
september winds

Monthly Haiku Corner – September

red leaves
dance among the maples
september squirrels

Haiku of the Week

dry heat
thinking of October
summer pains

Haiku of the Week

fresh lemonade
lazy afternoons

Haiku of the Week

empty canoe
ripples in the water
august moon

Haiku of the Week

red buoy
an ocean of fear and dread
shark tooth

Monthly Haiku Corner – August

hollow thoughts
always thinking of Halloween
pumpkin dreams

Monthly Haiku Corner – July


toxic air
a new kind of plague
same old death

Monthly Haiku Corner – June

murky waters
from the abyss, comes madness

murky waters