Loneliness is like the wind.
Sometimes it’s a gentle breeze that touches your cheek.
Sometimes it’s a strong gust that knocks you over.


Monthly Haiku Corner – June

murky waters
from the abyss, comes madness

murky waters


Happy National Limerick Day!


Please don’t let me catch Covid-19.

I don’t want to miss Halloween,

but if I do,

bury me inside of a shoe,

instead of under a tree.

Monthy Haiku Corner – March


a shot of whiskey
currency worth more than gold
leprechaun’s trade


Artwork by Jean Baptiste Monge

Monthly Haiku Corner – February 2020

barbed wire

barbed wire
love takes no prisoners
eternally bound

Haiku of the Week

Haiku of the Week


alone for christmas
red berries

Haiku of the Week – Holiday Edition

red cardinal

red cardinal
fresh pine in my living room
lost home

Haiku of the Week

cold mashed potatoes
longing a familiar voice
ghosts of november