Halloween Memories

One Halloween evening before trick-or-treating at my grandparent’s house, we stopped off to get dinner at Weinersnitchel, where I was given a Halloween trick-or-treat bag made by Ben Cooper, Inc. I loved that little bag so much, for it signified that I was a big girl now. Pumpkins were for babies. Or, so I thought. I sometimes see my old Empire pumpkin on eBay, and one day, I’ll probably buy one, but the closest I’ve come to my favorite trick-or-treat bag is this nostalgic picture:

ben cooper trt bag 1975
Ben Cooper Trick-or-Treat Bag @Hanna-Barbera 1975

What is your favorite Halloween memory? When was the moment you became a Halloweenophile? What makes Halloween your favorite holiday?

Leave a comment below and share with us your favorite Halloween memory, moment, or what you love best about Halloween.

nice pumpkin scene

3 thoughts on “Halloween Memories

  1. I loved planning costumes with my mom. She would always help me create something fun and she did a lot of sewing on a couple to make sure they were absolutely perfect.


  2. My favorite memory of Halloween is actually my mom. She dressed up for work every year when I was a kid and it was her way of showing her sassy side and expressing that Halloween wasn’t just for kids. One year, she dressed as Dan Fouts from the Chargers, so naturally my Dad played along and was the cheerleader. Her best costume though was the Queen from Snow White. She stayed in character the whole time and there were a few little princesses that were too afraid to take her candy!


  3. An old woman in our neighborhood used to dress up and scare the children for Halloween. Once she hid behind her house and ran toward us as we approached her porch. it scared my sister so bad, she dove through the open window of our car to get away.

    Another time more recently, Richard and I got quite tipsy while sitting on our porch dressed as ghouls to scare the neighborhood kiddos. I had too much wine and started offering the parents glasses of wine while they were here. 😛

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