Haiku of the Week

winding trail
ready for a new season
autumn leaves

Haiku of the Week

fire glow
baked apple cinnamon
september winds

Haiku of the Week

dry heat
thinking of October
summer pains

Haiku of the Week

fresh lemonade
lazy afternoons

Haiku of the Week

empty canoe
ripples in the water
august moon

Haiku of the Week

red buoy
an ocean of fear and dread
shark tooth

Weekly Haiku Returns

Back in January, I made the decision to post my haiku monthly instead of weekly. I was hoping to trigger more creativity and force my hand at posting more short stories.

Then, Corona-virus happened.

The lockdown stifled my creativity. Anxiety and fear moved in like unexpected house guests and stayed far too long. I haven’t written a lick since the beginning of summer, choosing to hide out instead. My own blog, unrecognizable.

Like clockwork, however, the Halloween season is calling!

In anticipation of the upcomi ng holiday

season, I’ve been working on my own game plan to celebrate Halloween 2020 in a big way! First, I need a little course correction. That means, starting August 3rd, Haiku of the Week will return. I’ll still post Monthly Haiku Corner and those posts will continue to feature some striking imagery, but the weekly haiku will,  hopefully, stand alone on their own merits.

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween season!