Haiku of the Week – Summer Edition

hot beach sand
smell the salt in the sea air


Pumpkins Can’t Swim ©Joe Geraci
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Haiku of the Week

wide smile
still thinking of halloween
summer pumpkin

Photo ©KidSpot

Haiku of the Week

lonely heart
evil has a master


Haiku of the Week

ghostly mist
this house has many shadows
dearly departed

white ghost witch

Haiku of the Week

an evil hex
the spell cannot be broken
forever cursed

Haiku of the Week

the dark beyond
a monster in the shadows
look under the bed

Haiku of the Week

shrill voice
mother’s not herself today



Haiku of the Week

shiny lights
the thing from outer space

UFO. Alien spacecraft with light beam and fog. UFO Vector Illustration


Haiku of the Week – Celebrate Earth Day

betrayal mario sanchez nevado
Betrayal ©Mario Sanchez Nevado

the earth is but dust
seasons have no memory
save mother nature

*Illustration by Mario Sanchez Nevado

Happy National Haiku Poetry Day!

sleeping cat Kawanabe Kyôsai 1831–1889
Sleeping Cat by Kawanabe Kyôsai (Meiji era, 1831–1889)
April is National Poetry Month and April 17th is National Haiku Poetry Day. Here’s a special haiku I wrote in honor of the occasion.

spilled ink
paw prints on bamboo paper
budding poet

Feel free to leave your own haiku creations in the comments below!